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Backed by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee and our commitment to 99.9% uptime, WebTown.net offers variety of hosting solutions that can grow with the success of your business. We host on UNIX servers and support a wide variety of popular Web technologies to support your site.

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Check Domain Availability:

Unix Shared Web Hosting Plans:

  Virtual Host Mini Corp Corp Junior Corporate
Monthly Rate $10 $20 $25 $30
Yearly Rate $108 $200 $250 $300
Site Traffic 10 Gb 25 Gb 50 Gb 100 Gb
Disk Space 100 MB 250 MB 500 MB 1000 MB
FTP Accounts 1 2 2 2
Email Boxes
2 10 20 30
Email Aliases
Email Filters
Spam Control
Auto Responder
Web Mail
eMail List   1 2 5
MySql (local access)   1 2 4
Parked Domain   1 2 5
Sub Domain   1 2 4
Addon Domain       available
Secure SSL Site  
Custom Error Pages
Search Engine Submit Tool
Site Statistics
Raw Access Logs
Front Page
Banner Script
Site Search
Java Countdown
Java Clock
Hit Counter
Chat Rooms  
Interchange Shopping Cart    
Agora Shopping Cart    
Invision Board      
Setup fee for all above hosting services is $50.

Tip: Our most popular web hosting services are Unix Corp Junior or Corporate Plans!

Web Services:


Setup Fee Monthly Fee
Additional Email Box $5 $2
Additional Email Alias $2 $1
Additional DNS $25 $3
Additional Transfer 25 Gig $20 $25
Additional FTP Account $10 $5
Additional Storage 20Meg $10 $5
Additional Storage 100Meg for Corporate Plan $10 $10
Additional Storage 500Meg for Corporate Plan $10 $20
Additional Storage 1Gig for Corporate Plan $10 $30
MySql Database Basic $50 $10
MySql Database 1000+ Records $50 $20
MySql Database 5000+ Records $50 $40
Virtual FTP 25Meg Basic $50 $10
Majordomo List Server Basic $25 $10
SSL Secure Server w/ourkey $50 $10
SSL Secure Server w/yourkey $50 $10
Audio/Video Stream / per stream $50 $25
Audio/Video Production / hour $75 NA
Html/cgi Programming / hour $75 NA
Internic Domain Registration 1 Year $26.50 NA

Email Hosting:

  Email Pro Email Executive Email Corporate Email Enterprise
Per Email Account $3.00/mo. $2.50/mo. $2.00/mo. $1.50/mo.
Dedicated Server (Optional) NA NA NA $299
Min Email Accounts 10 25 50 100
Storage Per Email 50M 50M 100M 100M
Core OS Unix Unix Unix Unix
Webmail Interface
Spam Filters
Advanced Spam Filters
Advanced Mail Filters
Virus Protection
Control Panel Administration
Transition Tools
Group Calender
Group File Sharing
User Blogs

: Setup for email boxes, per request (regardsless of the number of email boxes) is $50. There is a minimum of 10 email boxes per order.


Dedicated Servers:

  Unix Pro Unix Executive Unix Corporate Unix Enterprise
OS BSD or Linux BSD or Linux BSD or Linux BSD or Linux
CPU AMD Dual Core AMD Quad Core AMD Quad Core AMD Six Core
Type 2600Mhz 3000Mhz 3600Mhz 3800Mhz
Memory 4G 6G 8G 16G
Hard Drive 1T 1T 2T 2 x 1T
IPs 1 7 15 30
Root Access Available Available Available Available
Control Panel Webmin Webmin Webmin Webmin
Suggested Web Hosts 10 30 60 120
Apache yes yes yes yes
Perl yes yes yes yes
PHP yes yes yes yes
MySQL yes yes yes yes
FTP yes yes yes yes
Sendmail/Exim yes yes yes yes
Pop3 yes yes yes yes
IMAP yes yes yes yes
SSH yes yes yes yes
Connectivity 10 Meg 100 Meg 100 Meg 100 Meg Full-Duplex
Data Transfer 100 GB 150 GB 300 GB 1000 GB
Additional Transfer $2 per Gb $2 per Gb $2 per Gb $2 per Gb
Setup Fee $249 $249 $249 $249
Monthly Fee $199 $249 $299 $399

Dedicated Server Addons

Add CPanel
(replaces webmin)
 Nightly Auto Backup $29/mo.
Additional 6 IP's $12/mo.
Additional 14 IP's $30/mo.
Additional 30 IP's $45/mo.
Additional 62 IP's $90/mo.
Additional 126 IP's $150/mo.
Server Manage Options
Server Reach 5 $0/mo.
Server Reach 4 $200/mo.
Server Reach 3 $400/mo.
Server Reach 2 $600/mo.
Server Reach 1 $800/mo.
Additional setup fees might apply, please inquire.


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