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What is Virtual Web Hosting?

We specialize in Virtual Web Hosting which means that you can find a home for your web site on our active BSD or NT web servers and establish a presence on the internet. We can help register your own domain name which will become your unique address on the World Wide Web. Having your own domain name does not suggest that you are renting web space, and, since email can be addressed to your domain (eg. email@YOURNAME.COM ) you will not have to announce a new email address if you change internet providers.


Do you offer web page design services?

Although we do not offer web page design services, we will gladly send you a list of companies that offer web page consulting, web page development, and/or custom scripting services. You will be able to contact one or more of them to discuss design and pricing. For more information, contact sales@webtown.net.


How do I upgrade or downgrade from one plan to another?

You can change plan types at anytime by sending your request to sales@webtown.net or contacting our Customer Service Department. A one-time $25 plan change fee applies to both upgrades and downgrades.


How do I transfer files to my web site ?

Files must be transferred to the web server via File Transport Protocol (FTP). If you have a PPP internet account and need FTP software, you can download a program for either the PC or Mac from our site. Internet providers such as AOL may have a built-in FTP interface. An FTP tutorial is available for first time users.


Do you accept international orders ?

Yes. We are pleased to have customers around the world and we're as close as your computer. If desired, we can host non-US domain name extensions.


What contract and payment terms are available?

We bill at monthly or annual increments and require a minimum three month contract. We accept Discover, MasterCard, Visa or company check. There is a $35 fee for bank wire transfers coming from overseas countries.


How can I cancel my web hosting service?

All cancellations require a written request for cancellation via fax or email (to: cancel@webtown.net). You need to indicate your account number (can be found on your statements) and your password in the request.


If I move my domain to another Domain Name Server, does it automatically cancel my web hosting service?

No! We provide hard disk space on our web servers so internet users can access your files. This can be accomplished with or without DNS service. In order to cancel your account, you still need to notify us.




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