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World Wide Web Hosting

WebTown.Net offers advanced web hosting services globally with it's high end web servers, state-of-art Gigabit network and multi-backbone high speed Internet connections. 

Our Network Operations Center is located right in the  Telecommunications Center of Manchester, New Hampshire, feet away from major telecommunications providers. 

All our backbone connections fed through OC-3 and OC-12 fiber-optic lines which minimizes the network latency.


Dedicated Servers now available.

Is Your Domain Taken?

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We are a Facilities Based Internet Service Provider. Unlike many other providers, we operate a professionally-engineered network with multiple dedicated OC3 and T3 circuits with backup routes. We do not piggyback on any other hosting service or provider, and we do not use last year's servers. We host websites from all over the world on our servers utilizing the latest stable version of the Apache and Microsoft IIS Web servers. Our access statistics reporting software gives corporate customers a variety of reports to help making easier decisions.

A WebTown Virtual Server allows you to easily showcase your business, service, or organization on the Internet at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server without compromising power and flexibility.

If sharing a web server is not powerful enough for you, WebTown offers pre-configured dedicated servers. WebTown dedicated servers are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. A dedicated server can become a web server, can be used as part of an e-business solution or can form the backbone of a corporate Intranet. Dedicated servers can also allow a reseller to become a virtual web host or anything else that requires great reliability, speed and a top level of security.

Anybody can host your web site (even a 33.6 modem connected company), however we have the speed and reliability when you need it! 80% of the web surfers will pass on your web page if it does not come up fast enough on their browsers so a bargain web hosting company might be costing you big bucks if your biggest customer to be passes on your site!

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